Welcome from Sam and Sonia

What we offer...

Our 21 day course includes an early morning personally guided Zoom practice, tailored around your busy work and home life and eight hours over four weekends of course content. 

From January online ‘mind spa’ course in breathwork , meditation, and yoga nidra (yogic sleep). 

Private yoga classes for you, your colleagues or a group on request.

Transformational retreats.

Our classes include the following practices :-  

  • Pranayama    Breath
  • Meditation     Mind
  • Asana              Body
  • Kryia                Energy
  • Kundalini       Connect
  • Gyana             Wisdom
  • Nidra               Sleep
  • Naad               Sound
  • Karma             Awareness 

Dark Ginger Yoga work on balancing your mind, body, energy and soul, to achieve personal change.

Sam and Sonia both trained with the Sattva Yoga Academy, based in Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalayas.  Sattva Yoga encompasses all aspects of Yoga, not just the physical practice.     

Yoga holds the keys to living a happier, calmer and more purposeful life.  The profound wisdom yoga offers is as relevant today in our modern world, with all its stresses, as it was thousands of years ago.   

Are you ready to unlock what has been holding you back and reach your full potential?  We are here to guide and support you to become the best version of yourself.

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Many of the people we help identified with the following....do you?

  • feeling lost, alone and disconnected
  • low self esteem and lack of self worth
  • people pleasing
  • tired all the time and lethargic
  • anxiety and depression
  • procrastination and lack of direction
  • past or present guilt or shame
  • negativity and unhappiness
  • “washing machine” head, inner turmoil and brain fog
  • lack of clarity and focus
  • lack of intuition
  • running on repetitive damaging subconscious thoughts
  • holding on to resentments
  • regretting the past and/or fearing the future
  • daily worries and a sense of unease
  • believing you are not ‘enough’

If you do, don't worry, we are here to guide you, look at what Julie had to say...

I am so thankful to have joined your course. I signed up, just as the lockdown really started to grind me down mentally & I wanted to find a way of calming my mind down.

Well, I can honestly say it has been life changing! From the moment we started the zoom meetings, I knew I was in safe hands. The course was wonderful, explaining both the breathing techniques & the outcome of the kriya and meditation sets. The ability to authentically share experiences, created a wonderful , connective & supportive vibe amongst our group.

Being accountable to the group kept me checking in daily at 7am and I enjoyed reading and contributing to all the comments of encouragement.. 21 days flew by, support was there every day for us & helped those of us who had physical effects. The caring guidance is priceless. It has been the best money I have spent in years!

I now have clarity, I am calmer, kinder to myself, focused & grounded.

I cannot recommend the teachings and this course highly enough.

Julie Maunder
Graduate of January 2021 Course

I embarked on a 21 day Sadhana program with 2 hours interactive Zoom tutorials four times during this period and daily supportive contact from my mentor if I needed any questions answered. We also had our peer group chats which were full of mutual encouragement and sharing our experiences together .
It was apparent literally hundreds of hours of learning and wisdom had gone into putting this programme together. The teaching was so informative , explanatory with written notes as well and beautifully delivered and taylor made to each of our needs. It felt very personal to me and we were lead us through our morning routine daily either live on line or on playback for us to do at a time to suit .
It has helped me to understand how my mind works, to quieten my thoughts, to understand myself a little bit more, to feel calm , to just sit , to accept my surroundings and to slowly love myself and others. It is helping me daily to discover the real me and I love it. Not to mention the gut benefits , some of the breathing exercises stimulate gut action very beneficially !
Thank you So much and to the rest of the group , together we encouraged each other through our own individual journeys and I will take this with me on a daily basis through all that life throws in my way , Thankyou to all involved
From a very grateful student,


I can’t praise Sam enough for the beautiful Kryia set and breathwork she has taught me alongside a mindful meditation practice that has shown me how to achieve presence and understanding of the ‘witness mind’. Her guidance and support during these teachings have been boundless during a challenging point in my life which have helped me transform and shift past emotions and difficulties. I would really recommend her to anyone who is willing to find themselves a better way to be. Thank you Sam